Cleaning: The Sierra Steam Way Process

Pre-conditioning – Special soil, grease, oil suspension cleaning agent application for lubrication and breaking down of soils to assure maximum removal.

Pre-spotting Treatment – Application of special cleaning solutions to stubborn spots and stains not removed by the regular cleaning process.

Furniture Moving – Please remove small items of furniture and valuable or breakable items. Some items (such as china cabinets, book shelves, entertainment centers, etc.) cannot be moved. Other furniture you wish moved will be protected from residual moisture by blocks and tabs.

Heavy Duty “Vacuum Balanced” Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) – Use of our “new” exclusive Hydro-Cleaning MasterBlend El Diablo Cleaning Plant for maximum soil removal and minimum drying time. This machine has received the Gold rating from CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute).

Post Spotting Treatment – Application of specialized cleaning solutions to stubborn spots and stains still not removed by the cleaning process.

Carpet Grooming – Use of professional brush or comb to aid in restoring the fluff and nap set of most carpet pile. Aids in drying and gives carpet a groomed, finished look.

Speed Drying – Turbo Siracco Air Movers are used to decrease the drying time dramatically.

Personal Spotting Bottle – Our special spotter to help you maintain your carpets between cleanings.


You can see a list of our expanded services here

Hot Water Extraction

Truck mounted hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is the most effective way to clean carpets. This is the cleaning method we use at Sierra Steam Way. Hot water extraction out performs all other methods of extracting soil, pollutants, and sources of bacteria, odor, and allergens from the carpet.

Fiber producers and major carpet mills recommend this method for its cleaning efficiency. Professional hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, is required at least every 18 months in order to maintain the warranty of DuPont Stainmaster Life carpet.

Sierra Steam Way carpet cleaners utilize natural hot water and vacuum extraction to clean the carpet and protect your investment. This leaves the least amount of chemical and soil residues, reducing the threat of premature wear, airborne contamination, or rapid resoiling.

Our Cleaning Compounds

There are four components essential for effective cleaning. Time, Temperature, Mechanical Action, and Cleaning Agents. Proper cleaning compounds are very important in this process especially since there is no such thing as “one cleaning agent cleans all.” Because of this, our mobile cleaning vehicle is fully stocked with as many as 60 different cleaning agents to treat various fabric and spot and soil conditions.

Not only do we make sure that we have the right chemistry to clean effectively and safely, we use only eco-friendly cleaning agents of the finest professional quality. It has been our experience, that some of these cleaning agents, such as the cleaning compounds we use when cleaning stain resistant carpet, actually enhance the carpet’s stain resistance.